It would be very exciting for you to enter the financial market by trading Stock of companies online. This is a market with plenty of choices when it comes to global shares and stocks. At AtlasFX, we provide our clients with access to over 100+ stocks from the largest companies in the world.


When it comes to trading stocks, it is easier for you to trade the shares of big companies by stocks CFD instead of trading them traditionally. Trading through CFDs does not make the owner of the stocks, so you are not purchasing a particular asset, simply making a prediction related to the direction of the price move. As a result, trading stocks CFD trading through various exchanges including NASDAQ, NYSE, is now in reach. Let's emphasize here that while trading CFDs, you do not need to worry about fees or commissions associated with traditional stock trading.


The most significant benefits of trading Stocks CFDs is that it is not required to pay the all underlying value of the contract, as a result of the ability to leverage your investments. At AtlasFX, you are required to deposit margin as collateral, typically 20% of the overall investment. For AtlasFX, if you want to purchase a share CFD contract of £30,000 worth of Apple shares, the maximum capital initially required would be £6,000.


  • Gain direct access to a range of intuitive, safe and secure top trading platforms, both manual and automatic
  • Instant execution and guaranteed price ettlement
  • Trade on a wide range of global stocks on all the major global bourses including the NYSE, the NASDAQ, and the FTSE
  • Trade other assets including Forex, commodities, indices, stocks, like
  • Amazon or Apple and Bitcoin shares from the comfort of one screen
  • Enjoy unified, competitive spreads
  • Trading leverage of 20:1 on trades
  • Access multi-lingual customer support with a dedicated team of professional and responsive support agents
  • No management or ticket fees
  • Safe and secure deposit and withdrawal processes

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